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Play is about finding ones place in the world and making sense of that world. We have created a plan that seeks to juxtapose two different worlds. The man made and the natural. The plan has an urban exterior and a wild natural interior, each space contains a different type of play.
The formal exterior is a place for sports and structured ordered games, while inside the wild interior children are encouraged and free to construct and destruct their own play spaces using natural materials. A boundary “ribbon” between the two worlds wraps and protects the interior, while adapting towards the exterior to allow games and integrate traditional playground elements
Grevelingenveld known locally as Deltaplantsoen is a neighbourhood square in Rivierenbuurt, The Hague. The design of the 8.100m2 space links carefully with the development of a new neighbourhood school which faces onto the square.
▽ 平面图,plan
The playground concept brings three different types of play together into one ensemble; the interior is a wild natural playscape, the exterior an urban sports court, and the threshold between the two known as “the ribbon” is a playful architectural element containing all the traditional playground equipment. This diversity of playing types arranged as an open ended playscape, creates a rich and dynamic world that offers children endless possibilities for play and to reinterpret and reimagine the space. In contrast to the many mono-functional playgrounds with standard equipment that exist everywhere today.
▽ 传统活动场地与开放性设计,the traditional playground vs the opened design
The central natural playground is a space where children are free to construct and destruct their own play spaces from natural materials and fast growing plants such as willow and reeds. Bringing a natural playscape like this into the heart of the neighbourhood will increase children’s daily contact with nature, an important factor for a healthy childhood and an experience that is missing from many urban neighbourhoods. The planting selection is chosen to provide maximum visual variety throughout the year while the biodiversity of flora and fauna will provide a rich context for environmental education offered by the school, and the continual growth of the plants and trees over the years provides an ever changing landscape.
▽ 野趣盎然的自然游戏场,the central natural playground
城市与自然之间蜿蜒起伏的带状构筑物“The Ribbon”则仿佛在邀请、鼓励孩子们在两个截然不同的世界间穿梭体验。或沿着攀爬墙向上攀登翻越,或顺着中部的通道匍匐穿行,或顺着下行坡道缓缓向下,坡道边缘的钢制条带可供玩滑板、旱冰或单车的孩子使用。长长的条带在低处转化为沙坑边缘的座椅,也成为看顾运动场地中奔跑孩子的最佳场所。
The threshold between the urban and the natural is known as The Ribbon, it’s an undulating playscape where children can navigate between the two worlds in an engaging and inviting way. The Ribbon can be climbed over via the climbing wall, crawled through via the tunnels, slide via the slides, the edge has a steel coping for skating and scooting. It serves as a sitting element at the edge of the sandpit or a spectator stand for those watching the sports courts and much more.
▽ “The Ribbon”划分了城市与自然的界限,“The Ribbon” wraps and protects the interior from the exterior
▽ 或攀登翻越,或穿过通道匍匐穿行,the Ribbon can be climbed over or crawled through via the tunnels
▽ 下行坡道边缘的钢制条带可供玩滑板、旱冰或单车的孩子使用,the edge has a steel coping for skating and scooting
▽ 长长的条带在低处转化为沙坑边缘的座椅,it serves as a sitting element at the edge of the sandpit
In contrast, the external space is a formal hard surfaced square for sports and structured games. Here patterns of lines define sports courts such as football and basketball and also create an abstract patterns, a playful matrix that can set boundaries for new games.
▽ 是硬质铺地构成的运动场地与空间格局固定的游戏场,the external space is a formal hard surfaced square for sports and structured games
▽ 剖面,section
Project name: Into the Wild
Architects: Openfabric, Dmau
Project location: Grevelingenveld, The Hague (Netherlands)
Completion lear: 2015
Gross Built Area (square meters or square foot): 5.100 sqm
Photo credits: Jacopo Gennari Feslikenian, Daryl Mulvihill, Francesco Garofalo
Other participants (eg. collaborators, clients, consultants, etc):
Team: Francesco Garofalo, Daryl Mulvihill, Barbara Costantino.
Client: The Hague Municipality, Richard Krajicek Foundation
Consultant: Arcadis

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