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城市情怀 Spirit of the City


Zhongyuan District is one of the earliest built districts in Zhengzhou, known as the “West Gate of Zhengzhou”. The Yellow River is the most important birthplace of Chinese civilization, Chinese call it the “mother river”. Several rivers flow through the district: the Jialu River, Jinshui River, Xushui River, Suo River… Profound natural and historical civilization flows through the site.

▲项目鸟瞰,aerial view of the project ©三棱镜建筑景观摄影



People put down roots here. As the time passed by, there are always some memories go deep into every street and alley. People living here know the land of the city well. The first generation living in the west suburbs have the simplest patriotism, bearing the unforgettable feelings of their hometown for decades. The plane trees and Gingko on the street present the pursuit and persistence of the greenness of the people from the western suburbs. The Western district, once the center of Zhengzhou, has too much pride and glory, has a deep cultural heritage. And the revival of the land that the people from the western suburbs look forward to is also the future of the city.


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场地现状及思考  Site Situation and Thinking

在这样寸土寸金的土地上,公园显得弥足珍贵,在街道一角6000方颍河公园缺乏城市公共空间应有的活力参与度较少。思考:稀缺的城市绿地, 需要承载更多的使命,如何激活城市公共空间的参与度?给周边市民带来积极的参与空间?

On such land, the park is precious. At the corner of the street is a 6,000 square feet Yinghe Park, which lacks the vibrancy and engagement that the urban public spaces deserve.

▲思考:稀缺的城市绿地, 需要承载更多的使命,如何激活城市公共空间的参与度?给周边市民带来积极的参与空间?Thinking: Scarce urban parkland needs to carry more missions. How to activate the participation of urban public space and bring an active space for participation to the citizens around?




Combined with the idea of the park city, Boulevard creates a cross-shaped pedestrian plaza, and combines with the street corner park, street square, Ginkgo Avenue, kindergarten and other facilities to build a perfect “cross-block” living system. Yinghe Park will be made into a forest-life space in the city, highlighting the mountain forest, flowing river concept. For the functional design, join the interesting facilities, enhance the park’s natural attributes and playability. Yinghe Road Greenness Transformation will blend avenue and city memory into the road improvement, with block facilities together to build a sound green space system. To form a complete landscape ecological system and create a “Park Community”, pumping oxygen into the city’s advance.


▲总平面图,在城市中植入绿地,masterplan, insert green land into the city 




林间乐园,山高水长 Woodland with slopes and stream

场地堆坡3米,把原本平地公园赋予山河语言,摒弃传统的空间单一,打造多维度的空间体验感 , 还原中原区域人群的山河梦。一个山坡一种综合性、包容性的场地处理,引发对三维的“空无”的创造。

The 3m slope endows the original flat land park the language of mountains and rivers. The design abandons the traditional monotony of space, instead create a multi-dimensional sense of spatial experience, to restore the dream of the people in the Central Plain region. One hillside with one comprehensive and inclusive site treatment, leads to the creation of three-dimensional nothingness.

▲步道形成山地和河流,walkway forming mountains and rivers ©三棱镜建筑景观摄影

▲儿童在山河间玩耍,children playing among the mountains and rivers ©三棱镜建筑景观摄影

▲丰富的游乐设施,various recreation facilities ©三棱镜建筑景观摄影

▲儿童在设施中玩耍,children playing in the facilities ©三棱镜建筑景观摄影

▲弧线形的座椅,curved benches ©三棱镜建筑景观摄影



山涧剧场 Stream Theater


The park not only serves as a sightseeing area and a public area for people to rest and play, it is also a stage for our lives, an incubator for our dreams, and a carrier of art…A departure from the functional design in past, the design uses three-dimensional compound activity space, consider the inclusion of the needs of different scenarios— users in different ages or activities in different time periods, to promote inclusive, shared, universal activities. So that, it solves the function restrictive of land perfection, allowing more people to participate in it. And it develops the new interactive activity, finally establishes the harmonious community.

▲植物掩映下的剧场,theater with lush plants ©三棱镜建筑景观摄影

▲台阶与树木相间,steps integrated with the trees ©三棱镜建筑景观摄影

▲剧场座椅,chairs for the theater ©三棱镜建筑景观摄影

▲剧场夜景,night view of the theater ©三棱镜建筑景观摄影




Following mountains and rivers, dedicates the future a better city


The memory of the land refresh in the light and shadow. The future of the city stride forward between the mountains and rivers. With the enthusiasm and respect for the western suburbs, Vanke Boulevard talks to the memory of Central Plain, understands the massiness of the land, pays tribute to the glory of the times and builds a better future for the city.

▲蜿蜒的林间道路,winding path in the forest ©三棱镜建筑景观摄影



Revitalize the busy downtown streets, extend the borders of Central Plain’s scarce parks, renew the values of the core areas of the city, and depict the beauty of life in the new era. Vanke Boulevard dedicates the life in the future with refresh work and rebuilds the western suburbs with the urban revitalization plan. Create a model habitat which is consisted of modern metropolis, park community, aesthetic life, to achieve a better upgrading of the region and urban revitalization.


▲喷泉广场,fountain plaza ©三棱镜建筑景观摄影

▲建筑与景观相协调,building being harmony with the landscape ©三棱镜建筑景观摄影



Following mountains and rivers, Vanke Boulevard with the western suburbs, greets the opening of a better city.


▲景观与艺术雕塑,landscape and the art sculptures ©三棱镜建筑景观摄影



结语 Epilogue


The extraordinary history of the city is also the history of the struggle of every person in the western suburbs. Those sweating of youth, those shouting the years of tomorrow, have followed the rain into the soil, growing into the towering plane trees on the street. Looking back, you have witnessed the development of the city; looking forward, your happiness is with the city. With more than one hundred thousand people from the western suburbs, witness a better city.

▲项目外观夜景,night view of the project from the street ©三棱镜建筑景观摄影

▲快乐悠然的城市生活,happy and leisure urban life ©三棱镜建筑景观摄影


项目名称:郑州 万科·山河道











建筑设计: 重庆长厦安基建筑设计有限公司

室内设计: 珠海明德工程设计有限公司

照明设计: 深圳市汉都设计顾问有限公司

施工单位: 四川蜀汉生态环境有限公司




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