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三亚保利浅海时光里,位于崖州深项目位于崖州深海科技城区域内,是崖州创意新城的核心区,二期临海而建,周边文化氛围浓烈。大小洞天、南山福地环绕,更坐拥落日最佳观赏点,以现代流行文化激活传统文化,还原《崖州志》中鲜活的历史人文场景,以其民俗风情与地域特色区别于其他三亚海滨项目,打造 “崖州志传,浪漫天涯”文化品牌。

Sunny walk in Poly Shallow Sea is located within the CMDSTC, being the core area of Yazhou Creative New Town. Built seawards and surrounded by the South Mountain, it boasts great views of the sea and the sunset as well as a strong cultural atmosphere around. Here, modern pop culture activates the traditional culture, reproducing the scenes described in the book of History of Yazhou. The designers distinguished the development from other coastal projects by its folk customs and regional characteristics, creating a cultural brand of “Legendary of Yazhou, Paradise of Romance”.   

图GVL怡境国际 photo by GVL



As the most romantic love-themed town in South China, Sunny walk in Poly Shallow Sea is not a conventional exhibition space but an immersive experience space about love. It is sweet, relaxing, romantic but does not go too far. It records the moments of love, allowing people to experience the true meaning of life. 

When modern design techniques meet the sea breeze and the sunset of Yazhou, a romantic landscape experience of holiday style thus comes into being. As the reception center of the tourism town, the exhibition area of the Sunny walk in Poly Shallow Sea allows visitors to fully enjoy the best scenery and sunset of Yazhou, and have a better understanding of love and life during the visit.

图GVL怡境国际 photo by GVL

图GVL怡境国际 photo by GVL

图GVL怡境国际  photo by GVL


Two landscape walls stand against each other, forming a unique entrance to the exhibition area. The arc-shaped walls stretch like the wings of a swan, facing the sea breeze and creating a tranquil atmosphere with simple lines. The form of side entry makes people expect more experience, and the clear water reflects the details on the ceremonial walls, showing the subtle changes in design. 

图GVL怡境国际  photo by GVL

图GVL怡境国际  photo by GVL

图GVL怡境国际  photo by GVL

图GVL怡境国际  photo by GVL

图GVL怡境国际  photo by GVL

起伏的草坪实现了空间的自然过渡,深色的道路穿梭于草坪与芒草之间,白色曲线花基呼应出天鹅的曲线,让整个空间流动了起来;在有限的场地中,草坪、芒草与小径,相生相融 展现出一幅小而美的精致画面,林间携手前行,别是一番轻松动人。

The gently undulating lawn realizes the natural transition of the space, the dark road runs between the lawn and the miscanthus, and the white curved flower bed resembles a swan in outline, making the whole space flowing and flexible. Within the limited space, the lawn, the miscanthus and the footpath are integrated with each other, presenting a small but exquisite painting. Walking hand in hand through the woods with the beloved one will be the best moment that you can imagine. 

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Based on mechanical stability and visual balance in the triangular geometry, we create a spiritual place for the sunset beach——the “light chaser church”, which boasts an atmosphere of eternity. Besides, modern precision technology helps to realize the appreciation of sunset all year around using precise autobiographical system. Later the church will serve as an auditorium for weddings and witness the beautiful love together with the sunset.  

The white spiral church is the focus of the entire exhibition area, simple, pure, and touching the heart. The round church symbolizes a happy ending of love, and the white textural wall appears simple and elegant against the natural background.

图GVL怡境国际  photo by GVL

图GVL怡境国际  photo by GVL



The second floor of the church is the best place to enjoy the sunset. The sky and the sea are reflected in the large mirror waterscape, and the unique steeple church becomes the symbol of sweet love.  

The steeple church stands in the middle of the water, with a transparent path extending out of water only when there’s someone approaching. It is a road leading to love. When the church begins to rotate, walls will move to block the light from the setting sun, only leaving a ray of light to lead people into an open viewing space.    

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When the rotation stops, the church will right face the setting sun, and the metal dial at the bottom of the pool will record this special moment. Though love cannot be measured in quantity, it can be recorded and treasured by the luminous dial.

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The sales center itself is displayed in the form of a homestay and the building shows the traditional culture of Yazhou. The front part is a comfortable and relaxing space, where succulent plants, dead wood, white sand and wooden boat remind people of the ancient Yazhou village. In contrast, the beach umbrella and seats are symbols of modern holiday life. The combination of the two styles creates a unique experience. At the entrance, a wall of wind chimes creates a unique light-and-shadow effect and plays a music of welcome.   

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And the back part is relatively quiet for meeting and chatting. With emphasis on visual focus and space experience, we connect the reception terrace with the sunken seats, providing a rest space with different experiences. Sitting in the sunken space, you can see the lawn and the sky across the water, and experience the pureness and openness of the space. In addition, as you approach the lawn, the art decoration on it will light up, making the space more dynamic. 

Spare some time for the Shadow Sea, for the sunset glow in the sky and for the golden light on the lawn. Immersing yourself in the peaceful world, you will experience the ultimate pureness and romance at the moment. The sunset glow rises and falls with the weaves and the palm trees and miscanthus swing in the sea breeze, telling everyone the touching stories happening here. 






景观设计:GVL 怡境国际集团深圳公司


Project: Sunny walk in Poly Shallow Sea

Developer: Poly (Hainan) Tourism Development Co.,Ltd. 

Area: 9,961 m2

Time of Design: Oct., 2019

Time of Completion: June, 2020

Landscape Design: GVL Shenzhen 

Architectural Design: UDG


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