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A cozy life means to enjoy every splendid part of life. How the blend the beauty of space and exquisite elegance can be interpreted is our original purpose of creating this project. When it comes to Deco, we can’t help but picture a glamorous scene in our mind, and the content is the carrier to meet people’s spiritual needs. As the aesthetics of contemporary residence changes and modern art is integrated into people’s lives, we have made “Neo-Art Deco” the source of design for this experience center.



Site Selection


The project is located in the Caijia South Area, the north of the city, with a river between Zhaomu Mountain and facing the city skyline of Lijia. Surrounded by lush hills and the flowing Jialing River, the natural location is unique. Maybe, this place is waiting to be awakened by the contemporary lifestyle.




With the concept of “exploring urban tranquility”, this design is mean to create an elegant and refined garden behind the city, which enables people who have escaped from the hustle and bustle of the city to feel the harmony of life with the prosperity of the city and the intimacy with nature. Let people explore the pursuit of life and art while leaving their spirit free to think about the warmth of life, so as to achieve a balance between man and nature, art and the city.




The first sight


Time slows down and becomes serene here as the car passes through a bush of bamboo like emerald and enters the model area. The splendid environment here makes people drop all the noises to the back of their minds and immerse themselves in the atmosphere where prosperity and tranquility mingle.




The design introduces a modern aesthetic concept to create a “Neo-Art Deco” scene, using lines to the extreme. High walls are used to create the image interface, and the integrated design and metal lines connect the space with rhythm.




The design uses new materials and carved details to convey a more elegant aesthetic proposition, showing the aesthetic scene of life to the fullest.






A transit space is set up between the core area and the entrance reception area, as a link between the entrance and the tranquility of the forest, where we hope to create a saintly space experience.




The high wall that closes up around allows the sunlight to spill through the leaves to the water and sculpture in the center. The variation of natural light and shadow strikes the viewers’ heart, accompanied by the sound of water drops falling from time to time, which makes people exclaim the way time flows.




The combination of metal and black stone, together with the unique shape of the arches, made the space and color are integrated appropriately, creating a luxurious aesthetic perfectly.



Light and shadow adds unique connotation to the design, and the pool bottom transmits a quiet atmosphere, creating a simplified, elegant and see-through space.




Pure Forest


Passing through the archway, we are arriving at the core of this design – the Pure Forest. We believe that “Neo-Art Deco” not only means the application of lines and textures, but the construction of plants is also the key to the aesthetic. The designer blends the English garden with modern light luxury elements, and the combination of finely trimmed mushroom-shaped shrubs and neat hedges, to reveal a wonderfully decorative garden.




This exploration of Modern Art Deco does not only lie in the details of the design facade, but also makes corresponding changes in the greening design. The space is changed by the plant temperament, and the posture and color of the plants to influence people’s senses.



At the other end of the building is the backyard area where people mainly gather and mingle, with the lights of all the homes of families in Lijia across the street and the water of the Jialing River gurgling below the bank.




Due to the vertical difference in natural terrain, an extra wide view is created here. The design utilizes water surface as a mirror, to capture the bustling skyline of the city. It visually forms a spatial memory point to satisfy the spiritual pursuit of the people. In the evening, the breeze brushes by the vast moon and starry sky, outlining a scene of cozy life.




The decorativeness of plants brings people a pleasant experience from lines, colors and forms, emphasizing the beauty of craftsmanship.



LONGFOR-Liangjiangliwan utilizes artistic and stylish elements to highlight the stunning details of elegance and refinement, so that the living scene and aesthetic art can be perfectly integrated, giving a new connotation to life.





景观设计:DAOYUAN | 道远设计•五川部









Owner: ChongqingLongfor

Landscape Design: DAOYUAN | Daoyuan Design • WUCHUAN Department

Design Team: Wei Piyan|Deng Yonglong|Yu Cheng|Wu Fuqiang|Ni Juan

                       SIYE Department-Zhou Xuemei|Liu Qin|Wu Wenjia

Photography team: Hino Photography

Landscape construction: Chongqing Luohan Ecological Environment Construction Co., Ltd.

Landscape soft decoration: Chongqing Box Fashion Space Design Co., Ltd.

Landscape sculpture: Chongqing Yanci Film Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd.

Completion time: April 2021



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