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BW-lANDSCAPE PLANNING AND DESIGN:What makes me happy is the stream of Senyu, the song of birds in the night wind and the close smoke in your eyes.

01 理念 Concept




From “the last kilometer” to “the closest kilometer”

In recent years, the community commerce has been metaphorically described as ‘the last mile’ of our lives. As for residents, it seems unrealistic to have both commercial function and park within the last kilometer. However, as for BWLA ( BW-LANDSCAPE PLANNING AND DESIGN) ,we want to transform the concept of the ‘last kilometers’ to ‘the closest’ kilometers. You may notice the very little difference between these two words, as it does not mean we have to compromise to the commercialization, but to create the ‘closest’ comfort space for people and our community.

Ganghui Tiandi——the closest nature,the beauty of life.

02 场地 Site

该项目位于成都高新区天府五街。总建筑面积约16.6万m² ,景观面积约3.4万m²。包括负一层、一层、二层,三个景观空间。以零售商业、超市、影院、公寓和酒店等聚合成内向型城市商业综合体空间。

The project is located at 5th Tianfu Street in Chengdu’s High-tech Zone. It has 3 landscape spaces from the basement level to the second level. The total construction area is about 166,000 m², and the landscape area is about 34,000 m². Retail businesses, supermarkets, cinemas, apartments and hotels are aggregated into an inward-looking urban commercial complex space.

▼区位分析 Location analysis

03 设计 Design


一如既往,黑白之间关注人的需求、社区的需求、城市的需求,以港汇天地为开篇,探索建筑景观与商业运营的全新关系,开创“景观前置 吸引人流 赋能商业” 的理念。用景观设计的方式将生活与社区还给居民,将商业与公园合二为一。

Commerce and parks are independent and unrelated to each other under traditional thinking. The business has to be visible with more activity spaces, while the park needs a sense of ecology with more green surrounding activity spaces. The question here is, how does one break and balance the relationship between the two?

As always, based on the need of people, communities, and the city, our team explored a new relationship between architectural landscape and commercial operation. We created the concept by giving the priority to the landscape instead of business, which designed to attract people at first and then naturally empower the business. In the hope of using landscape design to return life and community to our residents, we combined commerce and parks into one .

▼平面图 Plan

▼空间分析图 Spatial analysis map


We made three breakthrough designs based on traditional planning.

转换 | 空间:打造双首层商业新模式 A new mode of dual first-tier


同时,我们尽可能扩大和突出负一层的下沉入口空间,把负一层变成感官体验上的首层,从而导入更多人流聚集,提升空间的商业价值。一层的商业界面,则最大化预留更多的外摆空间,环绕负一层公园景观,形成上、中、下三层相互间 “看与被看”、“景与对景”的独创性商业体验空间。

In general commercial project, the first-tier business is always the most valuable comparing to the negative and second-tier due to the influence of the flow of people. However, at this time, we first proposed the concept of ‘dual first-floor’ business model, planning a landscape axis that runs through and connects the negative and second-floor blocks. The connection of the landscape enhances the experience of the two commercial levels.

Meanwhile, we expanded and highlighted the sinking entrance space of the negative floor as much as possible, turning the negative floor into the first floor in sensory experience, so as to introduce more crowds and enhance the commercial value of the space. A unique experience of “seeing and being seen” is formed between the upper, middle and lower floors.

▼设计效果图 Design renderings

▼扩大空间吸引人流聚集 Expand space to attract people to gather

退让 | 尺度:以有形空间换无形价值 Give up spaces in exchange for value


On the negative floor, we gave up more commercial space to the landscape in return for making a natural and comfortable experience of the secret jungle. Commercial areas were cancelled on both sides of the corridor, and only 3-4 meters of pedestrian walkways were reserved. We also designed the diversified waterfront landscape along the trail to enhance the interactive experience and create a natural and beautiful life picture.This kind of abandon is intended to focus people’s feelings. The beautiful outdoor environment at the expense of commercial outdoor space attracts more people and allows the lower floor to gain more commercial value as a whole.

▼设计效果图 Design renderings

▼将商业空间还给景观 Return commercial space to the landscape

模糊 | 边界:延伸室内商业经营空间 Extend indoor commercial space



The bird’s nest is a highlight of Ganghui Tiandi. We randomly arranged different sizes of bird’s nests along the corridors and platforms in the forest that staggered with the branches and leaves of the trees, foiled relaxed and romantic atmosphere.

The bird’s nest is not only the core viewing element of the landscape, but also a later commercial operation point, which can be used for commercial purposes such as commercial outdoor space, characteristic commercial workshops, and commercial display spaces. The overall design blurs the interface between commerce and the park, expands and extends the indoor commercial operation space, makes the commercial interface more integrated with nature, and allows nature to empower commerce.

▼“巢栖”设计图 “Nest” design drawing

▼设计效果图 Design renderings

▼在山林烟雨间,自由,巢栖,呼吸 In the forest and rain, free, nest and breathe

04 巧思 Ingenuity


During the project, we have some interesting design stories about trees, stones, and water.

巨树 | 生命 About Giant Tree


In view of the landscape, in order to connect the three-tier commercial structure and ensure the visibility of the lower-level stores, we were looking for large trees over 20 meters across China. As for bridges, pillars, and bird nests are all wrapped by trees, each tree need to be carefully selected in terms of shape, angle and planting point.

绿石 | 如玉 About Greenstone



We chose large amount of green stone to create the original scenery of nature, rather than applying black and white stone in general commercial design. Each piece of green stone is the key to creating a “breathing sense”.

The process of selecting stone is tortuous. Firstly, the green stone itself is relatively rare; Secondly, as stone is mostly combined with waterscape, in order to control the movement and flow rate of water, the hardness and density of the stone need to be high enough. In addition, we also carefully considered the texture, color and the possibility of post processing. In the end, this new type of stone was found at a mine in Ya’an, Sichuan.

乐水 | 灵动 About Waterscape


The waterscape of Ganghui gives people a natural and vivid feeling. In order to create the “Pearl Beach” at the entrance of the hotel, the design team conducted many experiments. By testing the texture, hardness, assembly size, and placement angle of the stone, we finally presented the visual experience of water drops falling into the lobby like silver pearls. The diverse forms of waterscape in Ganghui are all careful designed by our team, hoping to give people an all-round sense of intimacy and interaction.

05 后记 Postscript


BWLA always insists on thinking from a humanistic perspective to create landscapes. Any design, as long as its ultimate purpose is to let people use, see, listen, and feel, it must be considered under the premise of people. Just like the environmental protection, its core is not purely to protect nature, but to allow human beings to have a sustainable, beautiful, and survival natural environment. This is for every single one of us, and in the mean time serves the best for all of us.

摄       影:河狸-景观摄影

Project name: Ganghui Tiandi
Project location:Chengdu
Size: 34000 m²
Landscape Design:BWLA
Term of planning:2018.6
Completion Year: 2021.5
Photo credits:Holi Landscape photography

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