HOSHINOYA Tokyo lies in the city’s economic center, a short walk from Tokyo Station and the Imperial Palace. In contrast with its grand facade, the 17-story hotel offers a relaxed ambience with a sense of intimacy and surprise – qualities that are rooted in traditional Japanese hospitality.

▼酒店外观,exterior view ©HOSHINOYA Tokyo

▼入口立面,entrance facade ©HOSHINOYA Tokyo


Each floor is an exclusive domain, accessible only by the guests staying there, and with a dedicated staff in place to meet their every need, as well as to maintain the elegant customs that have been honored for centuries at the traditional Japanese inn–the ryokan.

▼餐厅入口,restaurant entrance ©HOSHINOYA Tokyo

▼用餐区域,dining area ©HOSHINOYA Tokyo

A Gateway to a Truly Japanese Experience


▼黑色的立面由树叶图案的栅格构成,the dark exterior is an elegant lattice of leaf-like patterns ©HOSHINOYA Tokyo

Initially, the ryokan appears as a tall black monolith that blends in with its surroundings, a landscape of towering office buildings that compose Tokyo’s financial heart. As you get closer, you see that its dark exterior is actually an elegant lattice of leaf-like patterns, or komon, that veils the ryokan. Outside the entrance are multihued stone benches shaped like boats and planters that resemble ikebana vases, forming a contemporary Zen garden. You soon realize there is nothing monolithic about this ryokan.

▼户外空间,outdoor space ©HOSHINOYA Tokyo

▼多色石凳营造出充满禅意的日式庭园氛围,multihued stone benches form a contemporary Zen garden ©HOSHINOYA Tokyo

Traditional, Yet Completely New


▼入口玄关, hallway ©HOSHINOYA Tokyo

The enormous entryway door–made from a single cut of cypress–quietly opens. A guide in a kimono greets you with a smile, closing the door behind you as you step inside. Suddenly, all noise has come to a standstill. A long tatami hallway extends before you, ending at an alcove that displays a seasonal ikebana arrangement. An impressive array of bamboo shoeboxes lines the hallway. You take off your shoes and walk down the hallway in your socks. It is what you had imagined a traditional ryokan would be, and yet completely different. You quietly marvel at this seamless marriage of the traditional and the contemporary.

▼走廊一侧排布着竹制的鞋盒,an impressive array of bamboo shoeboxes lines the hallway ©HOSHINOYA Tokyo

The Heart of a Japanese Ryokan


To the sound of wooden clappers, you arrive at your floor – a ryokan within the ryokan composed of guestrooms and a lounge called an ochanoma. Seasonal sake and confectionery are set out in the lounge for guests on the same floor to enjoy at any time. You imagine you will be spending a lot of time here, and that you may often encounter the other guests. Perhaps, you might make some new friends. The books in the lounge change throughout the day, as if an invisible proprietor were letting his presence and character be felt. You begin to understand the importance of the ochanoma in ryokan culture. It is more than just a common living space for guests; it is the beating heart of the establishment.

▼酒店前台,reception ©HOSHINOYA Tokyo

▼茶之间,the lounge “ochanoma” ©HOSHINOYA Tokyo

▼茶道,Tea Ceremony ©HOSHINOYA Tokyo

Stimulating Details


As you put on the kimono that has been laid out for you in your room, you notice how quiet it is. It is an elegant silence that permeates the ryokan, accentuating the details–such as the aesthetic shadows that form on the tatami floor as sunlight passes through the komon-patterned lattice veiling the building, the scent of bamboo released when opening the closet, and the intricate tatami grains. Every element stimulates the senses, emboldening you to venture into town while dressed in your kimono.

▼客房「菊」,Guest room KIKU ©HOSHINOYA Tokyo

▼客房「菊」卧室,Guest room KIKU, bedroom ©HOSHINOYA Tokyo

▼客房「樱」,Guest room SAKURA ©HOSHINOYA Tokyo

Hot Spring Baths of Soothing Tranquility


You sink yourself into an indoor hot spring bath fed from 1,500 meters below Tokyo. The thick, saline waters have an energizing effect; you feel a deep vitality coursing through your body. A tunnel leads away from the bath; you wade through it and emerge into the outdoor bath. A gentle night breeze blows in through the open roof, a privilege afforded by the bath’s location on the top floor. You gaze up at the sky. It is a serene expanse of black, almost unblemished by the glare of city lights. For a moment, you forget you are in the center of one of the busiest metropolises in the world.

▼地下入口,Tokyo Entrance underground ©HOSHINOYA Tokyo

▼温泉浴场,Hot Spring ©HOSHINOYA Tokyo

▼室内温泉从东京地下1500米处引水,the indoor hot spring bath is fed from 1,500 meters below Tokyo ©HOSHINOYA Tokyo

A World that Only Exists in the Ryokan


▼放松身心的体验,Deep-breathing Regimen ©HOSHINOYA Tokyo

From the minute you stepped into the ryokan, you have been immersed in a world unlike any you have visited. It is a world where one is constantly enveloped in the aroma of sandalwood woven into the tatami, and where one is reminded of the beauty of the seasons through spectacular flower arrangements. Gentle lighting, soft kimonos, and plush bedding induce relaxation, while conversations in the ochanoma and meals designed around lesser-known delicacies of Japanese cuisine provide pleasant stimulation. You hope to return during a different season so you can experience all this again, as if for the first time.

▼餐厅美食,Cuisine ©HOSHINOYA Tokyo