闲逸时光,慢享生活—远洋秦皇岛蔚蓝海岸度假小镇商业街 / 宝佳丰国际设计


BJF International Design:Leisure time, enjoy life slowly, Shell give the people who are on vacation freely as they please, Bring more vitality and prosperity to the Azure coast.

▼项目视频  Video


The base is located on the northernmost side of the Azure coast, close to the intersection of Binhai New Avenue and B2 Road. It is the image display portal of the resort and the business card of the Azure coast. The land has convenient transportation in the province and good accessibility in the city, and it is close to the high-speed railway station. The plot belongs to a new area, and the current situation is mainly a commercial residential area; it is close to the visitor center, close to the sea in the south, and close to the school park, with abundant passenger flow.

▼区位分析  District Analysis


The main purpose of the project is to create a vacation place for tourists to enjoy parent-child time, health care, and deep relaxation; to create a suitable environment according to the needs of the owners, focusing on functions and quality.

▼夜景  Night view

01.景观对话建筑Dialogue Between Landscape and Architecture


The dialogue between landscape and architecture reduces complexity to simplicity. Two commercial buildings are located at the southeast corner of the site, modern and concise, partially combined with Chinese minimalist aesthetics. Landscape needs to define a natural, concise and flexible design system, continue the spatial pattern of the building, and form a unified whole.Create a modern, concise, relaxed and natural space full of holiday feeling.

▼纯净的白色看台与植物营造艺术剧场空间  Pure white stands and plants create an art theater space

▼静谧的夜景氛围  Quiet night scene atmosphere

02.现代艺术Modern Art

“直线的无限可能” 结构主义,极简的几何艺术有主有次,景观空间形式和材料激活场地精神,设置经典互动景观,带给邻里更多的交往维度,商街、市集等日常活动,给人们提供一处温暖、幸福的悠闲场所。

“The Infinite Possibilities of a Straight Line”Structuralism, minimalist geometric art has main and subordinates. The spatial form and materials of the landscape activate the spirit of the site, set up classic interactive landscapes, bring more communication dimensions to the neighborhood, and provide people with a place for daily activities such as shopping streets and bazaars. Warm and happy leisure place.

▼局部鸟瞰  Partial bird’s eye view

▼极简的直线步道划分空间层次  The minimalist straight path divides the spatial hierarchy

03.闲逸时光·慢享生活Leisure time, enjoy life slowly


Following the design concept of healthy vacations, with low-interference and light-designed design techniques, the space is created to simplify the complex, and polish the community business with longer-term value.


The commercial landscape of Yangliu is very different from the usual commercial projects. There are no man-made splendid installations and amusement facilities, but it follows nature and plans on the scale of relatives.

▼极简的几何形草坪与广场喷泉  Minimalist geometric lawn and square fountain

▼起伏的微地形  Undulating micro terrain


The open lawn, the commercial outdoor small theater, the interactive dry sprinkler scene, and the leisure scenery pavilion, etc., create a relaxed, natural and holiday state for people.

▼与人产生互动的旱喷水景  Drought-spraying water scene that interacts with people

▼休闲景亭 Leisure King Pavilion


The exterior of the landscape pavilion steel plate is sprayed with white fluorocarbon paint, and a point light source is set up with partial perforations.


Here, the neighbors can walk, dine, rest, relax, and give people a sense of happiness brought by a beautiful daily life.

▼商业区域空间营造 Commercial area space creation

04.结语Concluding remarks


It is expected that this ecological, natural and open community business will give the surrounding residents and neighborhoods more leisurely leisure, and bring more vitality and prosperity to the Azure coast.

▼总平面图 Plan

甲方项目团队:崔宝亮 李沛远 李俊浩 金越民 何永存 张春玲 张晓岩
甲方设计团队:敖丹 王玮 庞蕾 赵东方

Project Name: Ocean Qinhuangdao Blue Coast
Project location: Qinhuangdao, Hebei
Total landscape area: 24203 square meters
Owner: Sino-Ocean Group
Landscape design: Kou Hang, Zhang Yu, Xin Shiju, Zhang Dehe, Chen Mingtao, Jin Manyu, Yang Zhenjing, Xu Chunmei, Li Qiufang, Liu Pengming, Zhu Fangjiao
Construction unit: Beijing Shengyuan Ecological Garden Co., Ltd.
Party A’s project team: Cui Baoliang, Li Peiyuan, Li Junhao, Jin Yuemin, He Yongcun, Zhang Chunling, Zhang Xiaoyan
Party A’s design team: Ao Dan, Wang Wei, Pang Lei, Zhao Dongfang
Landscape photography: Luan Qi Architectural Photography Studio Shi Junkui, Design Center of Beijing Business Department (partial)
Design time: March 2021
Completion time: September 2021


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